A log cabin can be more than a garden house – turn it into a holiday home!

Log cabins are no longer used only for storing garden furniture or tools. More often people choose to invest in a log cabin to create a relaxing outdoor space for family and friends. Have you ever thought about purchasing a timber holiday home? Holiday homes can also be built by using the log cabin system with overlapping corner connections, which creates a more rural appearance. Can you imagine having an extra space for relaxation that gives you the ultimate holiday feeling? Keep reading and find out how to turn a log cabin into a holiday home!

Log cabin sizes and shapes

Log cabins are available in different sizes and shapes. You can choose a small log cabin, to make the most of your garden space, or you can opt for a slightly bigger log cabin with two separate rooms, if your garden space is big enough. Whether you choose a small or a large log cabin, a high-quality timber structure will change your garden completely!

If you have decided that a holiday home is exactly what your garden is missing, then start imagining how your perfect holiday home looks and how will it fit into your garden! Firstly, determine the perfect size of the log cabin. Do you need one large open space, or do you prefer a couple of separated rooms?  Secondly, decide on the shape – do you prefer a rectangular or a square log cabin? Which one would look better in your garden?

Log cabin interior

To create the ultimate holiday feeling in a log cabin, it’s important to work on the interior! Decide how you want to furnish your log cabin – there are several options available! You can choose the classic log cabin style – a simple natural look with wood flooring and furniture- or you can create a modern minimalist interior. With the right decorations, you will transform your log cabin into a weekend getaway!

Holiday feeling in your own garden

Having a holiday home in your own garden has many advantages. One of the main ones – you can have a holiday any time you want! With your own log cabin, you can relax and spend more time with your family and friends outdoors making memories and having fun.

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