Log cabin building systems – choosing the right style of corners for your log cabin

Spring is the right time for a garden makeover! How do you plan to get your garden ready for the summer? Do you have any ideas for plants to add more color to your garden? Choosing the right plants can make a world of difference. Maybe you think about setting up a log cabin to create a cozy outdoor living area for your family? If a new log cabin is what you are looking for, then keep reading this article to find out which log cabin style is the right one for your garden.

Log cabin building system

The log cabin system is one of the most popular building systems for garden houses. The main characteristic of the log cabin building system is the overlapping corner connections. The overlapping corner congestion not only ensures a strong and durable timber structure but a timeless appearance as well. If you choose a log cabin for your garden you can be sure that it will last for years!

The log cabin building system offers various corner styles. The corner styles determine the overall look of log cabins – from classic log cabins with timeless appearance to sleek, contemporary outdoor living spaces. The log cabin building system allows you to combine a building technology of the highest quality with your personal style preferences.

Rural yet modern atmosphere

The first log cabin corner style option that you can opt for is the corner joints with straight cut logs. For this corner style, the planks are cut straight at the end, ensuring a sleek and modern look. By choosing the straight cut logs, you can create a rural atmosphere without your garden looking very classic. This is the perfect combination if you like to create a contemporary yet peaceful atmosphere in your garden.

The classic log cabin look

If you are looking for a classic-style log cabin, then you can choose the diamond cut logs. For this log cabin corner style, the tips of the planks are rounded, creating a homely atmosphere. To complement a traditional style log cabin, choose doors and windows with crossbars as well as appropriate interior decorations. Turn your garden makeover ideas into reality!

Are you looking for a modern or a classic log cabin? Whether you choose a classic style log cabin with straight cut logs or a modern-looking log cabin with diamond cut logs, the durable log cabin building system will ensure that your garden house will last for years. Take a look at the log cabin range on lugarde.com and transform your outdoor space!